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The Story

Russian born, Paris and Cannes based jewelry designer Victoria deeply loves travel. As a collector she gathers inspiration through her travels. The spirit of exploring vibrant cultures around the world shapes the colors and textures of each design. Vika Jewelry is collected and loved for its handmade quality and unique signature style. 10 years of Victoria’s career were spent in the world of Fashion in Paris, she also collaborated on numerous documentaries about precious stones with a French gemologist, writer and movie director Patrick Voillot, thus as a result the VIKA jewelry was born. Each piece symbolizes harmony and style. Russia is a second home to Victoria where she continues to be inspired by its history, generous spirit and rich traditions. Born next to Baikal Lake and grown in Ural region of Russia where Europe meets Asia and the region mixed with a lot of origins Victoria developed her unique taste in jewelry design. All VIKA necklaces and bracelets Designed & Handmade in France in limited pieces with natural materials from all over the world. Power of nature in a truly meaningful pieces!

Our Jewelry

Each piece is strung together by hand in our workshop and creates a unique set of precious and semi-precious stones. Each stone carries specific spiritual and healing powers, stimulating the body and mind. Our designs allow each person to build their own personal, meaningful piece, reflecting their style and personality. Our iconic beaded necklaces exist in a variety of stones and color combinations.
“The power of nature in truly meaningful pieces.”